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Mari's Obsession

4 June
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(No, that's not me.)
Preferred Languages: Comment either in English, German, Russian or French.
Contact: Add me to MSN if you want to talk to me. If you want to use ICQ that's okay but I'll probably cry.

Maris are peculiar and fanatical German / Russian poriferans specialized in extreme-chocolate-eating and other random lunacies. Some individuals occasionally show signs of intelligence and the gift of words, others just pretend. When Maris first began arriving on the European continent, European scientists noted the inaccuracy of ancient and mythological descriptions, which often falsely reported that Maris had horns and hooves. Maris were last seen in Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Russia, Germany, the USA and sometimes in soups.
International Day of Mari is June, 4.
creativity, randomosity, enthusiasm, open mindedness, sense of humour, sarcasm, curiosity, weirdness, the amazing ability to find creative reasons for procrastination
I-need-Chocolate-whenever-I-don't-have-any, dreamer, usually can't spell, make up random quotes by random famous people for random essays, swear in a language you won't understand, worry too much about school, francophobe, communist.
Special Skills:
being awake 24/7. That's basically it. And I'm a master at baguette-fu and singing like a hamster on crack. Winner of the "Irony of Fate Watching Marathon". I'm a professional when it comes to areas like I-start-it-and-then-lose-the-interest and You-think-I-have-a-clue-what-I'm-talking-about-but-I-don't. Buying random dictionaries "just in case". Telling people I'm a feral child and was raised by wolves. Laughing at people who actually believe me.
The power of Kodak. The power of random logic. The power of long, confusing words. The power of language. The power of analyzing. The power of short fingers.
You shouldn't:
Speak French. Tell me that I can't spell. Ask me whether I stopped growing when I was 5. Be homophobic. Be racist. Try to force any kind of religion on me. Be afraid of discussions. Believe in stereotypes and lables. Have a hard time understanding sarcasm. Think you know me. Give me Hershey's. Ask "What do you mean by that?" all the time. Talk about music all the time. Talk about sports all the time. Tell me that I'm acting like a teenager. Be sensitive to swear words. Tell me that you don't see the sense in photography. Hate Goethe. Like Schiller. Eat raw sunflower seeds. Pretend that you think I'm funny ;)

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Hershey's is a waste of water, sugar and chemicals.

I don't need a man. I have my Pentax.

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